Evaluation in vitro of an experimental antibacterial silk suture

Xiao-jie, Chen (2013) Evaluation in vitro of an experimental antibacterial silk suture.

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Evaluation in vitro of an experimental antibacterial silk suture is a published article of the textile technology department.,Because of good clinical performance and low cost, silk braided surgical suture becomes one of excellent and widely used sutures. But as a kind of nature protein fiber, silk easily trend to microbial infection. Beyond that, braided structure may increase the risk of hide of bacteria. Hence, the project of this study is to develop a novel antibacterial silk braided suture. Silk braided sutures were treated with antimicrobial solution which added antimicrobial agent ZL into 5% PCL solution. Then sutures were tested for in vitro efficacy against S. aureus and E. coli by a zone of inhibition assay, and sustained efficacy assay, release of antibacterial property, SEM photographs against S. aureus. Sutures with antibacterial solution exhibited distinct zones of inhibition against S. aureus and E. coli. They also kept antimicrobial property against S. aureus for 7 days, which was almost equal with coated VICRYL* Plus suture. The highest release concentration of treated suture was 1.53?g/ml, which was lower than Cmax of ZL, proved the safety of antibacterial silk suture. SEM photographs gave both the change of the surface and different bacteria growth situations on the surface before and after treating.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Surgical Site Infections (SSIs),Silk braided suture,Antimicrobial agent,Sustained antibacterial efficacy,Release of antibacterial property
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