Esterase Activity of Two Aquatic Snail Species Helisoma Duryi And Lymnaea Natalensis

Nyathi, C.B (2013) Esterase Activity of Two Aquatic Snail Species Helisoma Duryi And Lymnaea Natalensis. UNSPECIFIED.

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A paper presented on Research Day on 27th October 2000, hosted by the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Zimbabwe.,Previous work has shown that inhibition of esterase activity is likely to be a useful parafrieter to develop as a biomarker of organophosphate pollutants. We have extended our preliminary study and have now tested for esterase activity with two new substrates (five in total) while measuring the esterase activity in a newly established colony of the aquatic snails Lymnaea natalensis and Helisoma duryi. Post mitochondrial fractions prepared from whole body homogenates were used to measure esterase activity with the following 5 substrates: p-nitrophenyl acetate ( PNPA), (-naphthyl acetate (ANA), phenyl acetate (pHA), carboxylic esterase activity and acetylthiocholine iodide (Ach!) and S-butyrylthiocholine iodide (BthI) cholinesterase activity. Our data shows that the carboxylic esterase (CbE) activity measured in our new stock of snails was decreased (depending on the substrate used a range from 30% to 50%) compared to values obtained previously. Since the cholinesterase (ChE) activity was measured for the first time in these two species a comparison could not be made. In general, the esterase activity was found to be slightly higher in H. duryi than in L.natalensis. The reasons for the altered activity in the new snail colony is not clear but nutrient and climatic factors are likely to be responsible.,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Zimbabwe

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