Are Flyby Anomalies an ASTG Phenomenon? (ASTGII)

Nyambuya, G. G. (2010) Are Flyby Anomalies an ASTG Phenomenon? (ASTGII).

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This reading expounds with expediency on the recently proposed Azimuthally Symmetric Theory of Gravitation(ASTG) set-up earlier. At its inspection,it was demonstrated that the ASTG is capable (among others solar anomalies) of explaining the precession of the perihelion of solar planets. In the present, we show that the ASTG is capable of explaining the puzzling observation of ?yby anomalies, i.e. the anomalous asymptotic speed increases of the osculating hyperbolic speed excess. It is shown that these ?yby anomalies occur naturally in the ASTG. We derive the empirical formula proposed by Andersonet al. in 2008,which up to now has no physical or foundational basis except that experience suggest it. If the ASTG model is correct,then for the ?rst time the Andersonet al.formula is given a physical meaning.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: gravitation,astrometry,celestial mechanics,Solar system
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