Lunar Drift Explains Lunar Eccentricity Rate

Nyambuya, G. G. (2015) Lunar Drift Explains Lunar Eccentricity Rate.

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Herein, we argue that the observed +38mm/yr secular Lunar drift from the Earth does ? to an admirable degree of agreement between theory and observations; explain the observed secular increase in the Lunar eccentricity. At present, the recession of the Moon from the Earth is not any more considered as an anomaly as this is believed to be well explained by conventional physics of Lunar-Earth tides. However, the same is not true when it come to the observed increase in the Lunar eccentricity which is considered to be an anomaly requiring an explanation as to what is the cause behind this phenomenon. We not only demonstrate an intimate connection between these two seemingly unrelated phenomenon, but show that the intimate relationship that we deduce fits so well with observations to a point that ? logic dictates that, the Lunar drift must surely be the cause of the secular increase in the Lunar eccentricity.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: astrometry,celestial mechanics,ephemerides,planetary,recession
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