Spin-density-wave behaviour of the (Cr100-xAlx)95Mo5 alloy system

Muchono, Blessed (2011) Spin-density-wave behaviour of the (Cr100-xAlx)95Mo5 alloy system.

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Proceedings of South African Institute of Physics (SAIP), 2011. The 56th annual conference of the South African Institute of Physics,Electrical resistivity, Seebeck coefficient and specific heat measurements on a (Cr100-xAlx)95Mo5, 0 8.1 at.% Al alloy system are reported. The results indicate two possible quantum critical points in the magnetic phase diagram of this system. One is an incommensurate spin-density-wave ? paramagnetic quantum critical point situated at 1.5 at.% Al and the other a paramagnetic ? commensurate spin-density-wave critical point at 5 at.% Al. We forward experimental evidence that this system harbours two spin-density-wave related quantum critical points which presents an unusually rich case study for magnetic quantum criticality of the itinerant kind.,South African National Research Foundation

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Spin-density,wave behaviour
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