Magnetic properties of the (Cr -xAlx) V alloy system

Muchono, Blessed (2013) Magnetic properties of the (Cr -xAlx) V alloy system.

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Proceedings of the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP), 2013. The 58th annual conference of the South African Institute of Physics,Electrical resistivity (?), Seebeck coefficient (S) and magnetic susceptibility (?) measurements as a function of temperature on the (Cr -xAlx) V alloy system, with 0 < x are reported. N?el temperatures (TN) obtained from all these measurements decrease with Al concentration, disappearing near x ? 1.5, again reappearing for x ? . ?(T) and S(T) for samples with x ? 6.1 show weak anomalies making the determination of TN difficult. However, these anomalies are sharply defined in ?(T), proving that it is an important tool in probing antiferromagnetic in this system. The present results show that the addition of just 1 at.% V to the Cr -xAlx alloy system suppresses antiferromagnetism in the concentration range 5 ? x ? . This behaviour is similar to that observed for the (Cr -xAlx) 5Mo5 alloy system.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Magnetic properties,Alloy system
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