Ceylonocotyle, Bothriophoron, and Calicophoron species Parasitic in some Nigerian Cattle

Dube, S. (2013) Ceylonocotyle, Bothriophoron, and Calicophoron species Parasitic in some Nigerian Cattle.

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Published Journal article.,The following genera Ceylonocotyle, Bothriophoron and Calicophoron were recovered from the inner walls of stomachs of cattle slaughtered in abattoirs in the North and South of Nigeria. Some parasites were flattened and diagnostic features taken while some were sectioned in the median saggital plane from where the histology and morphology of the pharynx, genital atrium, acetabulum and testis were analysed for identification. Ceylonocotyle dicranocoelium. Bothriophoron bothriophoron, Calicophoron calicophorum, and Calicophoron microbothrioides were identified. Photomicrographs of the features used in identifications were made and are here presented. Damage to host tissues of the reticulum and rumen was in the majority of cases severe when Ceylonocotyle dicranocoelium was present but the other species did less damage to rumens and reticulum. Parasite loads ranged between 20 and 200 parasites in the infected animals and frequencies of occurrence in cattle were 10% for Ceylonocotyle dicranocoelium, 2 % for B. bothriophoron, 15% for C. calicophorum, and 5 % for C. microbothrides. All the described parasites are being reported in Nigeria for the first time.,NUST Research Board and United Nations Development Programme.

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