Paramphistome species infecting cattle in Matabeleland North province in Zimbabwe

Dube, S (2005) Paramphistome species infecting cattle in Matabeleland North province in Zimbabwe.

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A journal article published in UNZA Journal of Science and Technology in 2005 Vol. 9 No. 2: pages 21-29.,Two thousand five hundred and eighty three cattle originating fromvarious localities in Matabeleland North province were examined for adult paramphistomes in wet season and two thousand two hundred and twenty in dry season. On slaughter, the rumen and reticulum of each amimal were cut open and inner walls examined for attached paramphistomes. About 37% were infected by paramphistomes in the wet season and 39% in the dry season. Applying t-test showed no significant differences at p<0.05 between infected cattle in the dry and wet seasons. In the wet season proximity to the dry season did not significantly influence the prevalence at p<0.05. Morphological structures and measurement of diagnostic features were me i median sagittal sections. Analysis of the structures of acetabulum, pharnyx, and genital atrium revealed the following parasites in the area: paramphistomum microbothrium, paramphostomum clavula, calicophoron calicophorum, calicophoron raja, and Gigantocolye symmeri in 20%, 2%, 10%, 2% and 5% of cattle examined respectively. The visible damage by adult parasites on the host's tissue was a result of sucking the rumen and reticulum mucosa into the acetabulum, which eventually nipped off, leading to slightly hardened areas devoid of ruga due to necrosis. In a few severe casesthe papillae was damaged and catarrhal pus like exudate was noticed on the mucosa.

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