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The Essentials of Rhodesian Economic Policy

Walker, R.S. (1971) The Essentials of Rhodesian Economic Policy. UNSPECIFIED.

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Rhodesia, my object is rather to attempt to explain the basic problems which I believe have to be faced by those who are responsible for Rhodesian economic policy. Also in one or two instances I wish to suggest certain lines which might be followed. It is possible to make a case for two economic policies, one for the white people and one for the black people on the basis that the economic requirements and reactions of the two communities are sufficiently different to justify two different economic approaches. One-third of the black population lives and works in what are known as the white areas. I suggest that as far as these people are concerned, their economic activities are so inter-linked with the white men that together they constitute a common economic system. There is a stronger case for saying that the two-thirds of the black population who live in the Tribal Trust Lands should be regarded as a pure subsistence economy which will slowly change through the influence of the more developed multi-racial economy next door to it.

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