Regulatory and Activated T cells in human schistosoma haematobium infections

Nausch, Norman (2011) Regulatory and Activated T cells in human schistosoma haematobium infections.

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Acquired immunity against helminths is characterised by a complex interplay between the effector Th1 and Th2 immune responses and it slowly manifests with age as a result of cumulative exposure to parasite antigens. Data from experimental models suggest that immunity is also influenced by regulatory T cells (Treg), but as yet studies on Treg in human schistosome infections are limited. This study investigated the relationship between schistosome infection intensity and the two cell populations regulatory T cells (Treg: CD4+(dim)CD25+(high)FOXP3+CD127low), and activated (Tact: CD4+CD25+FOXP32) T cells in Zimbabweans exposed to Schistosoma haematobium parasites. Participants were partitioned into two age groups, young children (8–13 years) in whom schistosome infection levels were rising to peak and older people (14+ years) with declining infection levels. The relationship between Tact proportions and schistosome infection intensity remained unchanged with age. However, Treg proportions rose significantly with increasing infection in the younger age group. In contrast Treg were negatively correlated to infection intensity in the older age group. The relative proportions of regulatory T cells differ significantly between young individuals in whom high infection is associated with an enhanced regulatory phenotype and older infected patients in whom the regulatory response is attenuated. This may influence or reflect different stages of the development of protective schistosome acquired immunity and immunopathogenesis.,Wellcome Trust UK (Grant no WT082028MA),; Medical Research Council UK (Grant no G81/538),; Cunningham Trust; and Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland,

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Uncontrolled Keywords: helminths,parasite antigens,T cells,human schistosome infections,Tact proportions,Schistosoma haematobium,immunopathogenesis
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