An analysis of the role played by information communication technologies (ICTs) in the Arab uprisings: The case of Egypt and Tunisia 2010-2014

Mutamangira, Humphrey (2015) An analysis of the role played by information communication technologies (ICTs) in the Arab uprisings: The case of Egypt and Tunisia 2010-2014. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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This research focuses on the role the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) played in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Emphasis is placed on the case studies of Tunisia and Egypt as they are seen as the sparks that started the fire that engulfed the (MENA) in the form of revolutions that aimed at dethroning regimes viewed as despotic and undemocratic. The study also gives an evolution of ICTs as they are viewed as the main causal factors of the uprisings and marked a defining moment in the evolution of ICTs. In ascertaining the role played by ICTs, this research employed qualitative research methods with particular emphasis on in-depth interviews as well as documentary search. Using the above mentioned research methods the research found out that ICTs were indeed instrumental in the uprisings that happened in the MENA albeit as catalysts since the Middle Eastern body politic was riddled with a wide range of fault lines that were widening by each passing year. In as much as ICTS were instrumental in the uprisings of Egypt and Tunisia it is also worth noting that there was a wide array of other external factors that resulted in the raging fire of revolution in the Middle East although it is an undeniable fact that the precipice of the revolution was as a result of the enabling effect of ICTs. It was therefore concluded that ICTs were a decisive factor in the uprisings of Middle East and North Africa. It was therefore recommended that governments should be wary of the content that their people consume over the internet for the purposes of national security. It was also recommended that states take heed of the plight of their people because with the ubiquitous availability of ICTs, it is easier for people to rally around a common cause which may result in uprisings as those witnessed in Tunisia and Egypt.

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