Groups and Group Behaviour

Chaneta, Isaac (2010) Groups and Group Behaviour.

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Pre-Print Journal Article,Groups and teams are a major feature of organisational life. The work organisation and its sub-units are made of, are groups of people. Most activities of the organisation require at least some degree of co-ordination through the operation of groups and teamwork. An understanding of the nature of groups is vital if the manager is to influence the behaviour of people in the work situation. Groups are an essential feature of the work pattern of any organisation. Members of a group co-operate in order for work to be carried out and managers themselves work within the groups. People in groups influence each other in many ways and may develop their own hierarchy and leaders. Group pressures can have a major influence over the behaviour of individual members and their work performance. The activities of the group are associated with the process of leadership. The style of leadership adopted by the manager has an important influence on the behaviour of members of the group.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: co-ordination,upheaval,interaction,co-operation,loyalty,norms and values,cohesiveness
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