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Relevance of the values celebrated by the Shangani people in komba songs in the poest independence Zimbabwe

Author(s): Not Specified Abstract This study is in the field of cultural studies and is on the values celebrated by the Shangani people in komba songs in the post-independence Zimbabwe. The study employs different data collection instruments like interviews and observation methods to gather much needed data in the compilation of this research. Qualitative research design is used in this ...

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The challenges and possibilities in the formulation and implementation of a national culture policy for Zimbabwe: a review of the 2007 culture policy document.

Author(s): Chakwamba Kudzanai Abstract The study is given impetus by the idea that there are conflicting statements surrounding the formulation and implementation of the 2007 National Culture Policy of Zimbabwe. The study reviews the 2007 National Culture Policy of Zimbabwe document, inorder to expose the challenges in the formulation and implementation of the policy so as to map the way ...

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Annual Report for 1997 the Allex Project

Author(s): Grønvik Oddrun Abstract The annual report for The ALLEX Project 1996 was produced jointly in Oslo and Harare by Oddrun Grønvik and Dr. Herbert Chimhundu on the basis of reports, minutes etc during the year and decisions taken during the ALLEX planning meeting in Oslo 20-24.11.97. Reasearch Database Link

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Effectiveness of the Blended Supervision Model: A Case Study of Student Teachers Learning to Teach in High Schools of Zimbabwe

Author(s): Gadzirayi C. T. Abstract The main idea behind this research work was to come up with a model of students’ supervision that emancipates the student teacher and simultaneously makes the student feel that he/she has a chance given to him to learn how to teach. The study was premised on making the students work collaboratively with the mentor, fellow ...

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Report on the Unification of the Shona Dialects: a Photographic Reprint with an Introduction by Herbert Chimhundu

Author(s): Doke Clement M Abstract This volume is a re-issue of Doke’s report of 1931 in the form of a photographic reprint, with an introduction by Professor Herbert Chimhundu of the University of Zimbabwe. For greater usefulness the introduction is also summarised in Shona. Doke’s Report remains the major reference point in the history of the development of Shona as ...

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