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Apthorpe, Raymond (1986) Exchanging Culture For Politics: Stratagems Of Recourse To Tribe And Tradition In Development Discourse. Unspecified.

Armstrong, Alice (1986) Consent in Rape Cases in Swaziland: A Woman's Right to Decide. Unspecified.

Atkinson, N.D. (1986) Traditional African Stories as Learning Materials. Unspecified.


Batezat, E. (1986) The working conditions of female workers in the food processing industry in Zimbabwe (with special reference to Canneries). Unspecified.


Cheater, A.P. (1986) China: Development Policies And Rural Change. Unspecified.

Cowley, J. (1986) Mafikeng To Mmabatho: Village To Capital City. Unspecified.

Child, G. (1986) Zimbabwe’s Approach To Protected Area Management. Unspecified.

Casey, John (1986) Forestry For Rural Development In Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Child, B. A. (1986) The Role Of Perennial Grasses In Sustaining Production In Semi-Arid Areas. Unspecified.

Child, G. (1986) The Role Of Inland Waters In Nature Conservation, Food Production And Outdoor Recreation In Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Chikombah, C.E.M. (1986) Ethics in Administration. Unspecified.

Crowther, C. (1986) The prevention of maternal death: A continuing challenge. Unspecified.

Crowther, C. (1986) Lethal congenital malformations in the Greater Harare Obstetric Unit during 1983. Unspecified.

Chikanza, l.C. (1986) Typhoid colitis. Unspecified.

Crowther, C. A. (1986) A prospective study of hypertension in pregnancy at Harare maternity hospital. Unspecified.

Chikanza, I. (1986) Unusual complications of typhoid fever. Unspecified.


Feltoe, Geoff (1986) Extenuating Circumstances: A Life and Death Issue. Unspecified.

Frimpong, Kwame (1986) Some Observations on Botswana's Prison System. Unspecified.


Gutto, Shadrack B.O. (1986) The Law and Mass Rape During Armed Social Conflicts: Lessons from the 1982 Coup Attempt in Kenya. Unspecified.


Hasler, J. A. (1986) The effect of schistosomiasis on the activation of aflatoxin B1. Unspecified.

Heath, R.A. (1986) Service Centres And Service Regions In The Magisterial Districts Of Inanda And Lower Tugela, Natal. Unspecified.

Heath, R. A. (1986) The Socio-Economic Characteristics Of Selected Harare Suburbs Three Years After Independence. Unspecified.


Jourdan, Paul (1986) The Effects Of South African Destabilisation On Mining In The SADCC. Unspecified.

Jourdan, Paul (1986) The Mining Industry of Zambia. Unspecified.

Jourdan, Paul (1986) The Minerals Industry of Mozambique. Unspecified.

Jassat, Ebrahim M. (1986) Socio-economic baseline study Rushinga District (Mashonaland Central Province). Unspecified.

Jassat, Ebrahim M (1986) Socio-economic baseline study, Rushinga District, (Mashonaland Central Province): consultancy report prepared for Food & Agriculture Organisation (UN). Unspecified.


Kitai, I.C. (1986) Hypertension in Harare hospital out-patients: drugs prescribed, drugs taken and control achieved. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

kiire, C.F. (1986) Duodenal diverticula and their complications. Unspecified.


Mbiba, B. (1986) Introducing Factor Analysis In Geography: The Geography Of Zimbabwe's Elections. Unspecified.

McLennan, I. (1986) The Role Of Forestry In Food Security. Unspecified.

Masuko, Luis (1986) Incorporating Co-Operative Principles, Methods And Procedures Into The Structural Organisation Of Public Enterprises In Zimbabwe For State Subsidisation Of Socl4list Accumulation. Unspecified.

Mabiriizi, D. (1986) Reflections on the Socio-Economic Contnet of Medicine Murder in Lesotho. Unspecified.

Maboreke, M. (1986) Violence against wives : a crime 'sui generis'. Unspecified.

Mwansa, Kalombo T. (1986) The Status of African Customary Criminal Law and Justice under the Received English Criminal Law in Zambia: A Case for the Integration of the Two Systems. Unspecified.

Maravanyika, O.E. (1986) Towards a Curriculum Analysis Model for National Development. Unspecified.

Morton, D.J. (1986) Comparison of In Vitro bioavailability of proprietary propranolol preparations. Unspecified.

Morton, D.J. (1986) Attitude of medical practitioners to antibiotic prescribing in Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Mossop, R.T. (1986) The geography of diabetes and vascular occlusive disease in relation to chromium. Unspecified.

Marima-Matarira, H. (1986) Reference values for Urea, Creatinine and Electrolytes in Zimbabwean females. Unspecified.


Nugent, C. (1986) Riverbank Erosion: A Model For The Zambezi. Unspecified.

Nyazema, N.Z. (1986) Levels of chromium in Zimbabwean foods and its importance in carbohydrate metabolism. Unspecified.

Ndlovu, T.R. (1986) Pictorial labels as an aid to increased patient compliance. Unspecified.


Reynolds, Pamela (1986) Four Techniques Used To Measure Child Labour In Omay 1935. Unspecified.

Rukuni, Mandivamba (1986) The evolution of irrigation policy in Zimbabwe: 1900-1986. Unspecified.


Schmidt, E. (1986) Ideology, Economics, And The Social Control Of Women In Southern Rhodesia, 1910-1939. Unspecified.

Shaidi, Leonard P. (1986) Explaining Crime: A Marxist Perspective. Unspecified.

Siyakwazi, B.J. (1986) Booker T. Washington’s Philosophy of the ‘Grand Trinity’ in Education. Unspecified.

Shabalala, S (1986) An evaluation of the structures, goals and planning procedures and practices of the organisation of collective co-operatives in Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Shabalala, Sipho (1986) An evaluation of the structures goals and planning procedures and practices of the organisation of collective co-operatives in Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Shopo, Thomas D. (1986) Vulnerable working households in Zimbabwe's segmented labour markets. Unspecified.

Shabalala, Sipho (1986) An evaluation of the structures, goals and planning procedures and practices of the organisation of collective co-operatives in Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Sibanda, Arnold Elson (1986) The working conditions of female workers in the food processing industry in Zimbabwe (with special reference to canneries). Unspecified.

Stein, C. M. (1986) The causes of delayed diagnosis of cancer of the cervix in Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Shija, J.K. (1986) Some observations on anorectal malformations in Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Sleigh, J.W. (1986) A case report of the use of inflow occlusion and moderate hypothermia for a pulmonary valvotomy: Anaesthetic and surgical management. Unspecified.

Schmidt, Elizabeth (1986) Ideology, economics and the social control of women in Southern Rhodesia 1910-1939. Unspecified.

Stuart, O. W (1986) Social change in post war Bulawayo. Unspecified.

Schmidt, Elizabeth (1986) Women, agriculture and social change in Southern Rhodesia 1898-1934 with special reference to the Goromonzi District. Unspecified.


Tevera, D.S. (1986) Measures Of Industrial Distribution In Zimbabwe. Unspecified.

Tswana, S.A. (1986) Hepatitis BeAg in chronic asympomatic Hepatitis B surface antigen carriers and in primary hepatocellular carcinoma patients. Unspecified.

Tswana, S.A. (1986) Single dose metrifonate in the treatment of urinary schistosomiasis in an area of low prevalence and intensity of infection. Unspecified.


Wurzel, P. (1986) Hydrology In Zimbabwe —The Past And The Future. Unspecified.

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