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Moyana, Rosemary (1994) Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions: An Attempt in the Feminist Tradition.

Naik, Y.S (1994) Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes of the freshwater snails.Planorbella and lymnaea (RADIX)Natalensis.

Naik, Yogeshkumar S. (1994) Hepatic Cytosolic Glutathione S-Transferases Of Ostrich (Struthio Camelus): Partial Characterization And Interaction With Xenobiotics.

Chivore, Boniface.R.S. (1994) Factors and Determinants of Primary Teacher Effectiveness in Zimbabwe.

Magagula, Cisko (1994) Head Teachers’ Perceptions of Power Bases: An Empirical Study about Swaziland.

Mugandani, S. (1994) Does Specialising In Science Significantly Influence Proficiency In Process Skills Approach To Teaching Environmental Science By Trainee (Primary) Teachers?

Chimedza, Robert (1994) Bilingualism in the Education of the Hearing Impaired in Zimbabwe: Is this the Answer?

Kreutzer, Natalie (1994) A Philosophy For Music Education In Zimbabwe.

Zindi, Fred (1994) Reliability In The Marking Of Distance Education Examinations.

Shumba, Overson (1994) Curriculum Implementation In Primary Schools Without Curriculum Leadership: The Folly Of A System.

Peresuh, Munhuweyi (1994) Meeting Special Educational Needs In Ordinary Settings: Rationale Problems And Strategies.

Ahmed, A.A (1994) Bronchoscopic Extraction Of Aspirated Foreign Bodies In Children In Harare Central Hospital, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Kilonzo, G.P (1994) Determination Of Appropriate Clomipramine Dosage Among Depressed African Outpatients In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Mbizvo, M.T (1994) Reduced Semen Quality And Risk Behaviour Amongst Men Consulting A Referral STD Clinic.

Kilonzo, B.S. (1994) Importance Of Intersectoral Co-ordination In The Control Of Communicable Diseases With Special Reference To Plague In Tanzania.

Sikazwe, N.C (1994) Prolapsed Pedunculated Sub-Mucous Uterine Fibroleiomyomata At The University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka.

Parry, O. (1994) Advances In Electrodiagnosis In Zimbabwe. Part I: Peripheral Nerve Conduction Studies And Electromyography.

Tswana, S.A. (1994) Cross sectional sero-epidemiological prevalence of poliovirus antibodies post immunization with three doses of TOPV.

Bordon, L.M. (1994) Traveller’s loiasis in Zimbabwe: a case report.

Reeler, A.P. (1994) A preliminary investigation into psychological disorders in Mozambican refugees: prevalence and clinical features.

Chitsike, I. (1994) Acute poisoning in a paediatric intensive care unit in Harare.

Mawera, G. (1994) Umbilical hernia in Bulawayo: some observations from a hospital based study.

Erasmus, R.T. (1994) Plasma cholesterol distribution in a rural Nigerian population - relationship to age, sex and body mass.

Ahmed, A.A. (1994) Bronchoscopic extraction of aspirated foreign bodies in children in Harare Central Hospital, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Garrido, P.I. (1994) Neoplasms involving the spinal cord in Zimbabweans: an analysis of 262 cases.

Stein, M.E. (1994) Lymphoproliferative malignancies in association with endemic African Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

Mbizvo, M.T. (1994) Condom use and the risk of HIV infection: who is being protected?

Lukwa, N. (1994) Do traditional mosquito repellent plants work as mosquito larvicides?

Ziba, M.M. (1994) A comparison of three types of “M” traps for sampling tsetse fly (Diptera: Glossinidae) populations at South Luangwa Game Management Area, Zambia.

Adewuyi, J.O. (1994) Haematologic features of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection in black children in Harare.

Ramesh, K. (1994) Intracranial Burkitt’s lymphoma with extension into orbital spaces resulting in bilateral blindness.

Essien, E.U. (1994) Increased susceptibility of erythrocyte membrane lipids to peroxidation in sickle cell disease.

Kilonzo, G.P. (1994) Determination of appropriate clomipramine dosage among depressed African outpatients in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Aziz, M.R. (1994) Complete rectal prolapse in adults: a Tanzanian experience.

Zvandasara, P. (1994) Hydatidiform mole.


Hobane, P.A (1994) The Urban Marketing Of The Mopane Worm: The Case Of Harare. UNSPECIFIED.

Raftopoulos, Brian (1994) Zimbabwe: Race and Colonialism in a Post Colonial State. UNSPECIFIED.

Dansereau, Suzanne (1994) Skills And Training In Zimbabwe's Mining Industry: Preliminary Report On Industry Survey. UNSPECIFIED.

Masuko, Louis (1994) Reforming Public Sector Enterprise: A Case For Commercialisation. UNSPECIFIED.

Bennell, Paul (1994) The Nose Brigade and the SRB's: University Education and Class Formation in Zimbabwe during the 1980's. UNSPECIFIED.

Grønvik, Oddrun (1994) Report from the Third ALLEX Workshop, University of Zimbabwe 1 9.-2 8. 9. 1 9 9 4. UNSPECIFIED.

Zwizwai, Benson (1994) Coordinated African Programme of Technical Assistance on Services (CAPAS): A study on services in Zimbabwe. UNSPECIFIED.

Zwizwai, B. (1994) Coordinated African Programme of Technical Assistance on Services (CAPAS): a study on services in Zimbabwe. UNSPECIFIED.

Hawkes, R. K (1994) The socioeconomic base of communities in the NRMP area. UNSPECIFIED.

Long, Norman (1994) Globalisation and localisation: New challenges for rural research. UNSPECIFIED.

Aliston, Julian M. (1994) Perceived productivity, foregone future farm fruitfulness and rural research resource rationalisation. UNSPECIFIED.

Nabane, Nontokozo (1994) A gender sensitive analysis of a community based wildlife utilisation initiative in Zimbabwe's Zambezi Valley. UNSPECIFIED.

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